Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School's in Session

Well, I was able to get Makenzie enrolled without a hitch later in the day. She is now a happy 1st grader at the school down the street from our house. Jordan is doing surprisingly well so far in high school. At this point his lowest grade is a C, which we can definitely live with. Sammy was not able to go to the Pre-K program through the school district due to transportation issues on our part. She is however receiving speech therapy 2 days a week. She goes to a day care that has an awesome preschool program, so she's not really missing out on anything.

We have already completed our first fundraiser for Makenzie's school. This year we sold frozen pizzas. One bad thing about selling frozen food is that someone has to pick them up at 3pm on delivery day. This means that I have to leave work early to get them. I thought about having Jordan walk down to the school to pick them up, but it's probably too much for him to carry. I guess picking up perishable fundraiser items is a good excuse to get out of work early, especially since my boss bought some. :)