Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time. I Need More Time!

It has been a very hectic week and will only get worse. I have a total of 20 assignments that are due between Thursday & Saturday, on of which is a reflection paper for my university class that is ending on Saturday.

I planned to spend all day Thursday while the kids were at school working on these assignments. Well, plans have changed AGAIN!!!

I have spent some time volunteering at Sammy's daycare when they are in a bind and need an extra hand. I did so on Monday and did not get enough study time for my test that was due that day. Tuesday I was so wiped out that I took a nap before going grocery shopping, picking the kids up from school, and then babysitting for a friend while she went to the dentist.

Today I volunteered at daycare again. I then had to go to a workshop at the unemployment office. Sammy had gone to a friend's house for a play day, so I pick her up on my way home. Grandma picked Makenzie up from school, so they were waiting for me when I got home. Makenzie told me that she had a BIG headache. I felt her head and decided that I needed to take her temp. Sure enough, she had a fever of 102. I guess we will be taking a trick to the doctor's office tomorrow morning.

This is yet another wrench that was thrown into my schedule. Makenzie is usually pretty easy to take care of when she's sick. She'll lay around and watch TV most of the day. So I should be able to get at least the assignment done that are due on Thursday & Friday. That just leaves 17 others to get done by Saturday. Oh, did I mention that I have a family party to go to Saturday late afternoon/evening? So I need to have everything done by about 1:00 Saturday afternoon. Not sure it that will happen.

So, if you have any time to spare, I really could use it! Thank goodness the kids are spending the weekend with their grandparents. Hopefully that will make it possible to get everything accomplished by my 1pm deadline.

School Update

I have reached the mid-point of the semester at the comm. college. That means that I have 2 new classes that just started. The one class that I am taking through the university is ending this week. (THANK GOD!!!)

That one class had me questioning my decision to continue my education. Thankfully the university offers a coach. Steve, my coach, has been great. If I did not have that resource available to me, I probably would have made a mistake by quiting school. I was very discouraged at one point and by taking to Steve & getting some insight to the workings of the university & the experiences of other students to get things into perspective. Steve told me yesterday that he also found inspiration from me. I thought, "Wow. What did I do to inspire this guy? There's nothing special about me." He told me it was my determination (a nice word for being STUBBORN), my ability to handle so many things (school, family, etc.) and my ability to essentially take lemons and make lemonade.

I have tried to be as positive as possible, but there are times that it is very hard. I feel like I have so little time to focus on all the things that need to get done.