Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to Blogging

After almost a 3 year hiatus I am back to blogging.

So much has happened in the last 3 years that I cannot put it all in one post. Here's a brief overview:

Jay: Graduated from Junior High & is now in a High School summer school class that is a bridge program between JH & HS. He will start his freshman year with 1/2 a credit. Very much the big brother. Love to torment his sisters.

Zee: Finished Kindergarten with a reading level of a 1st grader at mid-year. Her teacher wanted to keep her for next year also.

Sissy: No longer in speech due to not being able to get her to & from the school district's preschool program. She goes to daycare Mon-Fri & is a favorite among the teachers & kids.

B: Still working at the same place. Still having knee problems, this time it's repeat episodes of Gout.

Me: I've been working full time as a secretary for 2 years now. It's a job that I enjoy most of the time, but I really miss being at home with the kiddos. I also miss being able to do my cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. during the week & not having to cram it all in on weekends & evenings.

The Pets: Jazzy- our small but mighty terrier mix is still around causing trouble. Chance- our Lab mix still cannot be trusted to stay in the yard. He loves to jump the fence. Sassy- our outside cat is still around & as skittish as ever. The newest addition, Harley - A Siamese- Himalayan mix kitten. She (or is it he?) is a crazy cat that loves to play. I was told that she was a girl kitty, but I think I was misinformed. More on that later.

There's a very brief overview of our family. I will elaborate on a few other past items in future posts, but for now that's all you get.

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