Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bring On The Tooth Fairy!!!

After a whole year of Kindergarten with most of her classmates losing teeth, Zee has FINALLY lost her first tooth. And when I say lost, I mean it literally. She was at summer day camp and it came out while eating her lunch. The kids told the staff that Zee didn't know where it was. One of the staff told her that when you lose a tooth like that, the tooth fairy pays double. She had one of the office staff write a letter to that effect, but from what I understand the Tooth Fairy delivered a letter there for Zee. Once I get home from work I will have to see what the Tooth Fairy said. All of the staff at her day camp just love her. She is such a well behaved & loving kid. That's what they tell me.

Now I wonder how much money she is expecting the Tooth Fairy to bring. More later.

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