Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindergarten Open House

I received a letter in the mail on Wednesday that the school was having Kindergarten Open House on Thursday at 6pm. It's a good thing that I did not have any plans with the amount of notice that they gave.

It was an opportunity for the kids and parents to meet the principal, meet the teachers, bring in supplies, take a tour of the school, and receive information that is needed for the upcoming school year. They did it a little different from the way it was done 2 years ago when I was there with Makenzie. This year school staff took the kids for a tour and snack while the parents stayed in the classroom with the teacher. It was great. Samantha's class has only 16 kids. She will have the regular classroom teacher as well as a Special Ed teacher or her assistant in the classroom at all times. Sammy does not require special ed services. They began having the Sp Ed teacher in the regular classroom instead of pulling students out when Jordan was in 4th grade (2005), which is much better in my opinion.

Having 2 teachers will be helpful with Samantha's separation issues and crying if they occur at school like they have at day care. It also benefits the regular ed kiddos having an extra person available to assist them if needed too.

School officially starts on Tuesday with a half day. On that day the parents are welcome to walk the kids to class and help get them settled. On Wednesday, which is the first full day of school, the teachers have said that the parents are not allowed to enter the building. They want the kids to leave the parents, not the other way around. They feel that this method is easier on the kids. I have to admit that I agree with them.

I am hoping for no tears from Sammy on Tuesday, but I can guarantee that I will not be able to keep mine at bay.

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