Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I know that today is officially Halloween, but our celebrations are over. We went camping last weekend and the girls went trick-or-treating at the campground. They ended up with quite a bit of candy from that. Friday at school they had their fall parties which was smart on the school's part. It was an early dismissal day and a Friday. They didn't have to deal with a bunch of sugared up kids for the day. Last night I took the girls out trick-or-treating around the house. There were not as many houses with lights on this year. Even so the girls brought home lots of goodies. Most of the candy is the good stuff. They also got a can of soda from one house and a koolaid type drink from another. We never got things like that went we were kids.

Makenzie was Dorothy complete with Toto in her candy basket. Sammy wanted to be a witch so I got her a black witch costume. After I had it she told me that she wanted to be the good witch. I was not able to make any changes for her first night out so she told someone thT she was the good witch pretending go be the bad witch. What an imagination that girl has. On Monday we had our Girl Scout Halloween party and my friend gave Sammy a Cinderella costume. That was the end of her being a witch! She has practically lived in that costume ever since.

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