Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pet Problems

We currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats. It seems that each pet has an issue that comes with it.

Jasmine is our oldest pet. She is a small terrier mix who thinks she's a much bigger dog. She also loves to dig. She recently dug a hole next to the sidewalk that was almost double as deep as she is tall. The hole also started to go under the sidewalk. I guess it's time to get some more chili powder to sprinkle in her most hazardous digging areas. Our other dog, Chance, is a Lab/Husky/Shepard Mix. He is a good dog that love attention. He likes to try to jump on you to get this attention, but will settle pretty quick, at least for me. The main issue with him is that he can spring straight up and clear the fence. I think he's actually part kangaroo. When I say that he spring up, I mean he literally will jump straight up with all fours at the same level which is higher than our chain link fence. As a result of his jumping bean tendencies, he has to be on a chain unless we are out there with him focusing all attention on him.

The cats are a whole other story. Mittens is my cat. I believe she is a Main Coon. She has all of the physical traits: hair that repels water, extra tufts of fur on on paws, the M shape on her head, etc. She is a bizarre cat in the fact that she LOVES water. When she hears someone starting the shower, she will run to the bathroom door and want to be let in. Most of the time when the girls are showering you will find Mittens on the edge of the tub between the cloth shower curtain and the vinyl liner. Once she jumped into the tub with Makenzie. Our only problem with Mittens is that she is becoming a fat cat and when she doesn't want to be messed with she will let you know by growling or hissing. This is not a bad thing in my eyes. She is communicating her wants in the only way that she knows how. Jordan on the other hand thinks that she is evil for doing this. She has also nipped him a time or two, but that's because he didn't listen when she warned him to leave her alone. She sometimes will bat at you with a paw, but since she was declawed it is not an effective deterrent for Jordan. He laughs and keeps bothering her until she hits the breaking point and nips at him. She has never drawn blood. It is only hard enough to let you know that she seriously wants to be left alone.

Molly is our other cat. She is a 6 month old Calico. She is a wild thing!!! Mittens like to play when she was a kitten, but Molly is just nuts sometimes. She will run through the house and jump off the couch to the dining room chair. Once she ran through, got up on the bench we have by the window, and then climbed up the mini blind. I was about to kill her, figuratively speaking of course. At first I thought she was a good fit for Mittens and the family, but she just is not working out. She is causing Brian to have itchy eyes whenever he pets her and she is attacking Mittens (I think it's probably all in play) when she really wants to be left alone. Hopefully we have a solution to this situation though. I have a lady coming to meet Molly on Saturday. I hope that she will take her and give her a good home. It sounds like she will get lots of love there. Please keep your fingers crossed.

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