Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Winter Weather

It has been an unusual winter for us in the St. Louis area this year. By this I mean that it is outside of the norm for the last decade or so. The kids have had 9 snow/weather days so far this school year. That does not include the 2 emergency days that Jordan's school took in November due to water main work outside of the high school.

We have been hit by 5 winter storms so far that have caused the kids to miss school. The last one that hit this week was originally being compared to the Blizzard of 1982 when the had about 2 feet of snow and at least 4 foot snow drifts. It pretty much crippled the area. Well, the storm that we got in 2011 was not as bad, at least in my area. We started with rain on Monday that froze to everything. We then got several inched of sleet. They were predicting about 10-16 inches of snow for our area, but since much of the precipitation came in the form of sleet we only received a few inches of snow. And as per the norm this winter the day after the snow arrives we had a day with subzero wind chills, which caused school to be cancelled again. Thank goodness they will be back in school today!

Not only did I have the kids home for 3 days this week, I also had Brian home most of the day on Monday and all day on Tuesday. To make things worse I was suffering with a severe sore throat and headache all week. I finally made it to the doctor yesterday to be informed that I indeed have strep throat. Joy, Joy, Joy. I took my first dose of antibiotics and began to feel somewhat better within a few hours.

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