Friday, February 4, 2011

I CANNOT Believe It's February!!!!

I have been neglecting my blog AGAIN. I cannot believe that it is February already!! So much has been happening.

Christmas was good - better than I had thought it would be. Our family was blessed by some terrific secret Santas that we cannot thank enough!!! They each received a bike, clothes and some toys.

My job lasted into the 2nd week of January. Brian got a new job right before Christmas that has GREAT benefits & pays MUCH better than his old one. It has been going well so far. Please pray that it continues that way. I applied for unemployment and began school. I have 2 classes going right now, another starts in about a week and 2 others start is March.

The kids have been home more than they have been in school since Christmas break. Our winter has actually been a winter this year. They have had 9 snow days so far. I cannot wait for better weather!!!

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