Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Video

You know your kid isn't going to be a kid much longer when they watch The Video at school. Soon they will be even moodier and going through the change.

I had to sign a permission slip for Jay to watch The Video with the other boys and a male teacher, since it would be less awkward than having the school nurse, who is a woman, there. When I was in school they didn't have a choice. We didn't have any male teachers, so the boys had to deal with our regular classroom teacher telling them about all of the changes that occur with puberty. We had several sessions about it and no videos to watch. If we had had anything it most likely would've been a film strip, not a video. I went to a small parochial school, so in the mid 80's we did not have a VCR.

Jay was so funny when he came home today. He told me that the teacher, one from the Junior High, shook their hands and asked them to introduce themselves. He also brought home a deodorant sample of which he was very proud of. He informed me that it was the gel kind not the white kind. The teacher told the boys that he prefers the gel kind because it doesn't stick to his hair under his arm as much. He looked at me as if he wanted to know what my opinion was. I let Jay know that this was a personal preference and he'd have to ask his dad what he thought about the subject.

The funniest thing was when he said that he learned that girls don't like sweaty, smelly boys. Maybe this will be the thing that gets him to start taking showers on his own without being told to do so.

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