Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1/4 School Year Finished-- Will We Survive The Rest?

School is officially 1/4 finished. We got 1st quarter report cards a few weeks ago. Makenzie is doing GREAT in 1st grade. She is about 1/2 a year ahead in her reading level & is doing great in math & grammar.

Jordan on the other hand is not doing so well in high school. He is grounded until he gets his grades up. There is a tutoring program that he qualifies for, we are just waiting to see if there is enough room for him. There is limited funds, so they take the kids with the greatest needs first. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets in. I am at a loss with what to do with him. He's not a dumb kid, he just does not apply himself. He uses the excuse "I forgot" all the time. He always "forgets" to bring home his notes, etc to study for tests. He "forgets" to bring home his homework. I'm scared that he is going to become a high school drop-out like his dad. Although his dad did go back and get his diploma through a correspondence program & graduated about 6 months after he should have, if he had finished going to regular high school. Like most parents, I want better for him. I want him to succeed in school and life. Any suggestions are welcome.

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