Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Baby Is Growing Up

My baby is growing up and I am having mixed emotions about it. Sammy decided this week that I no longer need to walk her to her line and wait with her until the teacher comes out to collect the class.

At her school the kids line up on the playground and wait for the teacher to come out and escort the class into the building. When Makenzie was in Kindergarten I think I walk her to her line for maybe the first month, if it was even that long. When I did walk her to the line I was able to just walk her over, get my hug and kiss, and then I was able to leave. After that point I was able to just pull up to the drop off area and let her out and she would walk herself to her line.

I am glad that Sammy is now comfortable with going to school without me, but on the other hand I am sad that she no longer needs me.

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