Monday, June 11, 2007

Bug Bites

On Friday night we all went for one of our "short" walks that end up taking us all over town. Sissy and Zee each ride in a stroller. We've found that it's easier to take 2 instead of the double stroller. It's difficult to get the big stroller up and down off of the curbs.

While we were walking Sissy received several mosquito bites. When she woke up Sat. morning she had one, or at least what I thought was a mosquito bite, on the top of her left hand. Her had was a bit red, but that was about it. By that afternoon her had and 3 of her fingers were swollen. My mom thought that it might have been a spider bite instead.

I'm wondering if she has an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites, because whenever she gets bit they get big & red. She has had one other bite, that again I thought was from a mosquito, that got big & ugly looking king of like this one.

Thankfully her hand looks much more normal today. I guess I need to make sure that I put insect repellent on her when she will be outside.

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