Friday, June 8, 2007

What a cute boy......NOT!!!

Well, we did it again. Much to the grandmas' dismay we had Sissy's ears pierced. She's 2 months older than Zee was when she had hers pierced.

B took Zee when she was 14 mos. old had did it. He was tired of our almost bald baby girl, who was often dressed in pink and/or a dress, being called a boy. We have had the same problem with Sissy. Although she does have a bit more hair than her sister did, it's still quite short and I guess a little boyish looking. I had her in a dress one day and she was called a boy by 3 people!!! I know the dress was a pale blue, but COME ON, it was a DRESS with FLOWERS ALL OVER IT!!! Are people just stupid or what????

If I am unsure of the child's gender I always either say "What a cute BABY." or ask questions that the parent might respond with a he or she. When you see a child in a dress, wearing pink, or with flowers all over the outfit I think it's safe to assume that you are looking at a GIRL.

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