Monday, June 18, 2007

Crazy Summer Days

I know that I have been neglecting my blog lately. Summer has hit and I have even less time to get everything done. The kids are keeping me on the go.

Jay started summer day camp last week. He goes M,W,F from 9am-2pm. I have to drop him off and pick him up each day. When he's in school, we are so close to the school that he walks to and from there each day. Zee has been attending day care on Tuesdays. I usually drop her off around 9am & either pick her up by 12:30 or grandma drops her off around 12:45.

I am still babysitting 4 days a week. I am also trying to get things together for me to finally finish my degree at the end of the fall semester. I had another yard sale, well actually 2.

A friend of mine wanted to have one at her house on Thursday. We scrambled to put things together in about 2 days. It was so HOT that day and we only made a total of less than $5. After seeing in the paper that someone down the block from me was having a yard sale on Sat., I decided to take advantage of their advertising and had a sale at my house too. We live on a one-way street, so anyone who went to their sale had to drive past my house when they left. Jay had a lemonade stand and make about $6. I made about $100. My friend had some of her stuff here and made only $6.25, $2 of which was stuff that I had bought of hers.

I am trying to help get things gathered for a benefit yard sale that my work does every summer. We will be having it on the 30th of this month. This year all proceeds will go to local food pantries. I have been going through my stuff and donated several trash bags & boxes full of stuff that was left over from my sale. I still have ALOT of stuff that I want to try to sell before getting rid of it. I have winter clothes that I figure people might be looking at yard sales for closer to Sept. I will have another sale then. Hopefully I can get my mom motivated enough to get some things gathered to sell.

I hope that we can get things calmed down a bit, so that I can get things caught back up. The house is a mess from the boxes of yard sale stuff. I'm trying to clean out the basement too. I guess I'll have to be happy with baby steps. It is impossible to do everything in one day. Maybe I can get some things accomplished when Jay is gone on vacation with his grandpa. B might also be going and he said that he was thinking of taking Zee as well. He needs to hurry up and decide because they are planning to leave either late Friday afternoon or early Sat. morning. I need some time to get everything ready for whoever is going.

My question is, when does mom get a vaction???

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