Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yard Sales

I LOVE yard sales. I get alot of the kids' clothes at yard sales. It is the best way to get alot of clothes for very little money. I often find outfits that are in great condition for less than $2.00. I admit it. I am cheap when it comes to many things. I will not spend more than about $2 for an outfit unless it is new, in like new condition, and/or so cute that I have to have it. I love the sales that most items are a quarter or maybe 50 cents. I do not budget in any money for the kids clothes each month, because I know that I will get tons at yard sales in the summer. The only one that I have trouble finding for is Jay. He is at that age where boys usually wear out their clothes before they outgrow them. His grandma does alot of shopping for him, so I don't usually have to worry about getting much of his clothes.

Having your own yard sale in ALOT of work!!! I had one with my MIL last Sat. That is part of the reason I have not posted in a while. I have to say that it was worth all of the work. I made about $300!!!! I mainly sold baby clothes, equipment & toys. I will be having at least one more sale this summer. We are all done having babies, so all of the baby and kid clothes that the kids have outgrown or won't wear are going bye-bye. I have also gone through the toys & books and weeded out what the kids don't use. I am hoping to make about the same at the next sale, but I'm not holding my breath. About $80 was from one person. She bought all of the baby girl clothes that I had as well as other items.

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