Sunday, August 19, 2007

B's knee surgery

B had his knee surgery on Thursday. He was supposed to be at the hospital at 11am and have his surgery at 1:30. I got him settled and then went home for awhile. L & Sissy were with me. I had to get L back so that her mom could pick her up at about 12:30 and I needed to feed Sissy some lunch before going back to the hospital.

Figuring that B would be done is surgery sometime between 2 & 2:30 I got back to the hospital at about 2pm . I checked in with the volunteer and she told me that B had been taken to recovery at 1:30. At about 2:30 they called & said that B was heading back upstairs to his room in the day surgery dept. Since the doctor was ahead of schedule and I was not there when he came out of surgery at 1:30 we do not know anything about what he found or exactly what he did. On the discharge paperwork there was not any info on when B could go back to work. The nurse assumes that he will get released after his follow up appt. on the 30th, which pissed me off.

When we went for B's initial appt. the Dr said that if he had surgery on a Wed. or Thurs. he would be fine to go back to work on Monday. He kept saying 2-3 days off would be all that would be necessary. So why now is it 2 weeks +???? B called the office on Fri. morning before 9 and the nurse informed him that the Dr would be in surgery all day. She finally called back at about 5pm to say that the Dr indeed wants him off until after he is seen on the 30th. This sent me into a major tailspin. I was PISSED!!!! I said, not so quietly while the nurse was on the phone, "What the hell happened to 2-3 days?? Is the doctor going to pay our Fucking bills?? If I had known that it would be 2 weeks + we would have waited." This did not make B very happy. He got pretty mad at me.

You have to understand that I was already stressing about paying the bills this month and now we may have 2 weeks that we will have to survive on my minimal income only. B does not have any vacation pay left. His employer doesn't give any sick pay either. I wish I had gotten short term disability through the company with the silly duck in their commercials. God willing we will make it through and I will not get any new gray hairs or a new ulcer.

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