Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tonight's Work Experience

I went to work this evening and discovered that someone has been screwing with me. I do occasional work for a real estate office in the evenings and on weekends. I am in charge of putting together their listing packets.

In this packet there are many different forms that are required to be completed when a client lists their house through our office. We have mail slots like you see in a schools for the teachers' mail. We have a slot for each individual form that the agents need. I usually make sure that all of the slots are stocked. Even those that are not part of the listing packet.

I guess I should explain something about myself before I go any further with what happened tonight. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I like things to be just so. If you looked at my house you would never believe this about me, but it's true when I'm at work. I keep the forms going all the same way, I punch the appropriate holes, and I make sure that the forms are professional looking. I have also voiced to some of the agents that it irritates me when people throw pieces away that are not needed for the listing that they are currently working with. I have also said how their messes and unprofessional manners irritate me.

When I started working on the packets tonight, I did things a little different than normal. Lately I have just been copying all of the forms that I need. The copier said it needed toner replaced, so I didn't make very many copies. I used the forms that were in the slots. When I got to one particular form the stack was a mess!!!! There were 2 pages on way and 10 the other, then 4 the opposite way. Some had holes some didn't. Most of the ones that were mixed every which way were ones that were copied at the same time (There was a lighter portion on all of them that was from a poor master copy being used.) and punched at the same time. All of the holes lined up perfectly at the same off set slant.

This really pissed me off!!! I hate it when these people do things like that. I'm sure someone heard me complaining about behaviors that are exhibited in the office and decided to screw with me. Some of those people can be so juvenile.

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