Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sissy's Results

Our meeting yesterday was very productive. Sissy will begin receiving speech services in a couple of weeks with the ST who came and did her evaluation. I am happy that she decided to pick Sissy up as a client. The ST needs to receive her authorization from the state before she begin providing services.

Each therapist had a report that outlined what area they evaluated and the scores that Sissy received in each area.

The DT used the Battelle Developmental Inventory. Sissy's scores are as follows:

Adaptive (self care) 20 months

Personal-Social 19 months
Adult interaction 16 mos
Social Role 23 mos

Receptive Lang. 23 mos
Expressive Lang. 14 mos 26% delay

Gross 24 mos
Fine 28 mos

Cognitive 22 months
Attention/memory 21 mos
Perception/concepts 23 mos

The categories that are underlined are the major categories with their subcategories listed below. Some areas gave the average for the development for that category (like cognitive). As you can see from the above information, Sissy is above average in all areas except Adult interaction (She still has major stranger anxiety.) and her expressive speech. A 26% delay is still a significant delay according to the DT.

The ST used 3 different tools to measure Sissy's speech. One listed her at the developmental age of a 13 1/2 month old. which would be about a 23% delay. Another tools that was used was based completely on questions that I had to answer regarding her development. This found that Sissy was above age level for receptive language and at about a 9 month old level for expressive which means a 50 % delay. The last test used was the Rosetti.
Subtest /Score/ Age Performance(mos)/ % delay
Interaction /18/ 15-18 mos/0%
Pragmatics / 12/ 12-15 mos/ 33%
Play / 18 / 15-18 mos / 0%
Gestures / 18 / 15-18 mos / 0%
Lang Comprehension / 12 / 9-12 mos / 33%
Lang Expression / 9 / 6-9 mos / 50%

The ST said that at 18-24 months of age Sissy should be beginning to use some 2-3 word sentences, imitate environmental noises (car, animals, etc.), have a vocabulary of 20+ words, refer to self by using her own name.

She says "woo woo" for a dog sound and she does that for any animal she sees. "Mama" is clear, but she also says "ma" for just about everything else. Zee gets mad because she thinks that Sissy is calling her mom. You can distinguish between to two and you know when she is saying Mom & when she is just babbling. Dad is either "ada" or "da". She doesn't even put it together to make it "dada" like most kids do. She has recently started to say "ball". At 18 months she should have been saying at least 8-10 words.

Hopefully, under the guidance of the ST Sissy will begin to make more recognizable sounds and words soon.

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