Sunday, August 12, 2007


I know, I'm a posting fool tonight. I just have not had much of an opportunity to get on the computer in the last few days and alot has happened.

B did not have is surgery on Wed. They realized late Mon. that the facility where it was scheduled is out of network for our insurance. So he went for his pre-op appt. and was not able to get his lab work done. They rescheduled his procedure for Thurs.

I have gotten the OK to take my internship class. I just need to go to the campus and finish up my financial aid stuff. They said they mailed me a letter stating that they needed some further information, but I never received it. As long as I can get it all taken care of I this week I can start classes the following week. I know I'm doing everything last minute. I still have to find a preschool or day care where I can get my hours. I was told that the one that I wanted to use would not work if my girls we in attendance. It is too open and the college will not allow you to work with a group that your own child is in. I put in a call to the principal at the elem. school to see if I could get my hours in one of their preschool classrooms. He was gone for the day, but hopefully I will hear back from him early Monday.

We got Jay signed up for junior high. He is not ready to go back to school though. On one hand he seems exited about certain aspects of JH, but on the other he appears to be apprehensive. The JH & Elem. schools are connected and all of the kids eat breakfast & lunch in the JH cafeteria, so he is familiar with the school. It is just that he will no longer be in the same classroom with the same teacher the majority of the day. I think this kind of scares him. In some respects he does not deal well with change. Pleas keep your fingers crossed that he makes a smooth transition into JH.

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