Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Call

I received the call today. Zee is going to preschool!!! She is sooooo excited. I was in such shock that she got in that I forgot to find out if she would be in the morning or afternoon class. Her teacher is coming in the morning for a home visit. I guess I'll find out then when she gets to go.

This might throw a wrench into my plans though. I am supposed to be doing my internship/student teaching at the school in one of the preschool classrooms. I have not heard back yet from the principal, but he did see Jay at school today and told Jay the following. "Tell your mom I have not forgotten about her." I was planning to either call or go in tomorrow to find out what was going on with my placement in a classroom.

If this is going to be a problem I guess I can have my instructor help me get placed in another program. I'll do whatever is necessary. I am just so glad that this is working out for Zee.

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