Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on Sissy's evaluations

I received a call from Sissy's SC today about the evaluations that she had done last week. The developmental therapist (DT) scored her at a 26% delay and the speech therapist (ST) scored her at over a 30% delay. With at least one of them scoring her at or above a 30% delay Sissy qualifies for services.

We have our IFSP meeting tomorrow afternoon. The SC told me that at this meeting we can decide if we want Sissy to receive services (Of course we do. Why else would I have started the process?). We will also set up the plan for what we want to happen with these services, etc.

The SC also asked me today what I thought of the therapists. She wanted to know so that if I was not comfortable with someone and they offered to provided services she could help with handling that situation. I loved the ST and would like it if she were to offer to provide services. I like the DT well enough, but I was more comfortable with the ST. I will update again tomorrow night or sometime this weekend with what was decided and possibly with more details of the results of the evaluations.

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