Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sissy's evaluations

We had Sissy's developmental & speech evaluations on Friday. She was slow to warm up to the two therapists that were here. They were both very friendly. I really liked the speech therapist and hope that if Sissy qualifies for services that she will pick her up as a client.

The ST has a daughter who has the same auditory processing disorder that Jay has. She is also getting ready to start junior high. The ST recommended a psychiatrist that really stays on top of the kids meds and tries to tweak them so that the child is getting the most benefit from the meds to help them succeed in school. I am thinking that maybe it is time to go down that road again with Jay. We took him off of his ADHD meds about a year ago and there did not seem to be much difference in him. So we thought why medicate if there's no benefit.

Anyway back to Sissy. Both therapists commented on how smart Sissy is. She is not delayed in any other area other than her speech. I think that she will qualify with a 30% or great delay. The ST told me that she would bring me some information that might help us with Jay the next time she sees me. Well, she won't be back unless Sissy qualifies.

Sissy decided to start babbling up a storm today. It is the most verbal I have ever heard her be. She even told daddy "Some" multiple times today. She was wanting daddy to share his sunflower seeds. I guess she'll talk when she's ready.

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