Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lice -- Round 3

We are now on round three of the head lice situation. I checked L's hair this morning to see if she was still nit free. Guess what. She had a brand new batch of nits in her hair. I picked at least 6 out and then stopped. I called her mom to have someone come & pick L up.

I feel bad that I keep having to send her home, but as I've said before I do not want anyone at my house to get lice. So far, I have done a good enough job preventing that. How long will that last if L keeps coming over with lice?

This whole situation is getting so F***ING frustrating!!! The girls have very few toys to play with. I had to put all of their stuffed animals and most of their dolls in plastic bags and store them for 2 weeks. Well the 2 weeks has now become 3 weeks plus. I have bought Sissy 2 new dolls through out this ordeal that I have also had to put away. In addition to the effects on the kids, I have been loosing alot of money. I loose money not only from not having L here but also the money that I have to spend to treat my house each time that L comes up with nits/lice. I have done so much laundry in the last 3 weeks that I'm surprised the washer has not given out due to pure exhaustion. I am about to the point that I want to just stop babysitting her. I am looking into a few part time job opportunities.

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