Monday, July 30, 2007

Please Excuse My Typos

As I have reviewed a few of my previous posts, I have realized that I have had a few typos. Most of them come in the Title. I usually do a spell check, but it does not check the title. I usually forget this fact and don't check it myself.

I have noticed that often my fingers get ahead of themselves. I have not had any formal typing class/training. I have just gotten better over time. I can type much faster than I used to but my accuracy rate is not that good. (I really need to work on this before I start back at college.) I have noticed that one of my most common errors is typing the word form instead of from.

Please understand that my blog is not called The Insane World of Motherhood for nothing. Here are a few of the normal circumstances under which I am writing my posts:
  • With 1 or 2 whining girls on my lap (this is often one handed typing).
  • Catching a few quick minutes during lunch or nap.
  • Stopping to break up sibling spats.
  • Stopping to change a stinky diaper.
  • Stopping mid-word because it is too quiet.
  • Stopping to kiss a boo-boo.
  • Stopping to do numerous "mommy jobs" (far too many to list separately, but you have the idea of what they are.)
  • Late at night when everyone is in bed.
  • In a sleep deprived stupor.
  • While a million other things are racing around in my head.

So if you do see a typo, please have a laugh on my expense and understand that I try my best to catch them, but they occasionally slip by.

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