Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bathroom Update

I went and bought a new gallon of paint yesterday. The color that we were planning to use in the bathroom ended up being way too dark once it was on the walls. I choose another light shade of purple. I wanted to go with something completely different from what I have in any of the other rooms.

I put the first coat on most of the bathroom this morning and had to wait 4 hours before re-coating. While I was painting the first time B was upstairs trying to replace some of the parts in the tank of the toilet up there. That particular toilet was in the house when we bought it and was in ok shape, so we left it. I have no way of knowing just how old that toilet is, but I do know that it is not one of the water saving varieties. Well, B was having some major difficulties with parts being too corroded that they did not want to come apart. I suggested that maybe it was time to go ahead and replace that toilet. B agreed, so we went off to the local home improvement store and brought home a nice new toilet.

Knowing that I was not happy about having 2 toilets out of commission he kept telling me we still have one working toilet. After getting that toilet installed I went to put on the second coat of paint. I decided that since we were taking things apart upstairs that we might as well replace the faucet as well. I got one for free that was new in the box as a left over yard sale item. B was having some trouble getting this task taken care of in the confines of the vanity so I finished it up for him. B is not the most handy person, but he is getting a little better.

I am not the most handy person, but I am more so than he is. I remember when we were first dating her needed to replace the wheel bearings on his car. His dad tried to help him as well, but I was the one who ended up doing most of the repair. My dad and brother always did all of the repairs on our cars and I often was needed to assist. Dad also did almost all of the repairs around the house as well. Another example was two years ago when we had only a few days left to get the car's emission test done before facing the possibility of a revoked license. The car needed and EGR valve replaced to pass the test. I was pregnant with Sissy at the time and I believe it was November or December (Sissy was born in mid January). B was having alot of trouble getting to the parts that needed to be worked on in the tight confines of the car's engine compartment. His dad also tried to help, but had difficulties as well. I have somewhat smaller hands and ended up again doing the majority of the work. That is a prime example of what a pregnant woman can do. I hate it when women say they can't do anything because they are pregnant. If there are complications and the doctor put restrictions their activity, fine I understand. But when the doctor doesn't give activity restrictions you can do just about anything that you were able to
do pre-pregnancy. This really pisses me off. I have worked with too many women like this. OK, I will get off my soapbox now.

We also got the toilet put back in the front bathroom. All I have to do is finish the painting in there. I was going to do it tonight, but I decided to relax for awhile. I can always finish it tomorrow. I will then be putting a cute butterfly wall paper boarder up in a few days. I also need to get my house back in order. With all of these repairs projects going on I have been neglecting the house cleaning a bit. I am sure that Kay will need to send the boys over again before long. So far her mom is still hanging in there. I haven't heard from her since Friday morning, so I figure that no news is good news.

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