Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sissy's Speech Issues

All of my posts lately have been so focused on other matters I almost forgot to post about Sissy and her speech issues. I have made the decision to finally make the call to have her evaluated for a speech delay.

She will be 18 months old next week and her vocabulary consists of mom/momma, ada (this means dad), see (she uses this for everything. ie: when she wants a drink or something to eat, when she needs anything, when she finds things.) She has said what somewhat sounded like "juice" a time or two as well as something that kind of resembled "that" (it sounds more like "at".)

I have been told that the first thing that will probably be asked of us is: Has she had her hearing checked? I have not done this, due to the fact that I know her hearing is fine. I was in the living room one day and said something to Zee about going bye-bye. Sissy was in the playroom, which is 2 rooms away. She came running in the room, grabbed her shoes and wanted them on so that she could go too. Once I have the appointment set and have her evaluated I will definitely post about the results.

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