Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cancer SUCKS!!!!!

Just to recap what I wrote a few weeks ago. My best friend, Kay, is dealing with her mother's battle with brain cancer. Her mom had surgery to remove the tumor and was given a pretty positive prognosis. The tumor was not as bad as they had first suspected and gave her a prognosis of 2-3 years with radiation & chemo. They also said that it might be possible for her to get 5 years or more. Well, all that has changed.

I just received word that Kay's mom is not doing very well. She was taken to the ER on Monday with a suspected UT infection. She was transferred to the larger hospital where she has been receiving her cancer treatments. They did multiple tests, including an MRI. The brain tumor that she had had removed is back and larger than ever.

The doctors say that radiation and chemo are pointless. With the rapid progression of the cancer it is just a matter of time. They have given her only a few weeks. Arrangements are being made for hospice care. The family (Kay & her brothers and their families) usually gets together over the 4th of July every year. They had postponed this get together until Labor Day weekend knowing that mom would just be starting out with her treatments. They are now making arrangements to have the get together ASAP.

It just seems so unfair. They were so positive after her surgery and now everything has gotten so much worse. All I can really say about this is CANCER SUCKS!!!!!

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