Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Back to "Normal"

Since Kay's mom has passed and she has returned home things are beginning to get back to "normal" around our house. She was planning to stay to start the process of going through her mom's things but her dad is not ready for that to happen yet. She told him to just call her when he is ready and she will make the trip back up and stay as long as is necessary to get it all done. I am sure that it is very hard on him.

With normalcy returning the kids are settling back into their usual routines. One of these is fighting constantly. Jay loves his sisters, but he does not know when to leave them alone. Zee will scream and cry when he is trying to hold on to her and even with us telling him to let her go and leave her alone he will not stop. He spent 2 days with grandpa and it was so quite around the house. As soon as he returned her started picking on his sisters. School starts in less than 5 weeks and I cannot wait!

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