Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kay is Heading Home

Kay called me on Sunday to say that her mom is doing better. She is more alert and is again taking liquids and some nourishment. There are alot of things that she needs to do at home, so she has made the decision to go home for awhile. She has lots of things to get done at home. She said that they left in such a hurry that she wasn't able to get everything done that she should have. Also she is wanting to start preparing her lessons for the boys' upcoming school year. She usually starts in early to mid August.

She said that the family was given some literature on the dying process. Her mom is following the process almost to the letter. Kay said that they believe one reason her mom was not taking in nourishment was due to the fever that she had for a few days. They say that running a fever during the process is normal. It is basically one of the stages of dying. Kay feels confident that her mom will be with us for awhile longer. She had originally planned to stay in town until her mom passed, but that seems to be further in the future than we had first thought.

Kay plans to come back afterwards and help go through all of her mom's things. Her mom was an avid crafter. She has TONS of craft supplies, finished projects and unfinished projects. Kay was asked to catalog, write descriptions and photograph each item so that her brother would be able to post them to a web site to sell them. This will take quite some time on her part. Her dad also wants her to research the retail cost of each item, so that they can price them correctly to get at least half of the regular retail on each item. Kay was telling me yesterday that she found a bag of misc. yarns that don't really have any specific info on them. She was saying how hard it would be to research the value of these items. My suggestion was to just keep them together as a grab bag or mystery lot of yarn and pick a price for it.

Personally, I think that the men in Kay's family are expecting her to do too much. I have volunteered to assist as well to help lessen her burden. She wanted to get started on the process while she was there this past week, but her dad did not want her to do that yet. I guess he doesn't want to see his wife's stuff leaving until she is actually gone.

So if any of you are interested in buying some craft supplies I can give you the information of where to find them once the family is ready to start selling.

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