Wednesday, July 25, 2007

18 Months

Sissy turned 18 months old this month. I cannot believe that my baby is a year and a half old already!! She went to the pediatrician last week for her check up. She is about average for her height and still below average for her weight. She was 23 lbs. & 31 1/2 in.

One of the things that the doctor said to me was "Tell me she is talking more." Unfortunately she is not. The Dr. L said that Sissy needs to have a speech therapist work with her. She wanted Sissy to get a referral for the program that services children under the age of 3 in our area. She had the receptionist call in a referral. I had already called one in, so they would not do anything further.

I finally talked to the case worker/manager (whatever her title is) late last week. I made sure to let her know that the pediatrician was very concerned as well. We have our intake appointment in the morning. That is the time that they come out and gather more info on the child & family. They also explain the whole process and schedule whatever screenings they feel are needed. I believe they do a developmental screening with all children and then also for whatever area(s) that their delay(s) are in. I hope that they get this process going quickly.

I almost forgot. Sissy started saying a new word. She says ball. It is not as clear as it should be, but it is progress. It brings her work count to 4. Momma, ball, see and either ada or da for Dad. I guess you can't really count ada & da as words, but those are the consistent sounds that she says when she means Dad.

I will definitely update later on how the process is going.

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