Friday, July 6, 2007


I have come to that conclusion after I offered to let Kay and her 5 boys (age 1-9) stay at my house anytime they want to. I want her to have as much time as possible with her mom. B is not happy about the offer, but he'll get over it.

If we lived hundreds of miles away and one of our parents was terminally ill, I would be very thankful if someone made the same offer. But B doesn't see it that way. He doesn't think of anyone but himself alot of the time. I guess it has to do with being the youngest and having such a large age span between him & his brother.

Kay and her immediate family are getting together this weekend. Kay, her husband, and the kids will be staying at a hotel for the weekend. Her husband has to travel to the East coast for his job assignment Monday. She is thinking about having him catch a flight out of STL that way she and the boys can stay for at least a portion of the week. She was supposed to call me this morning, but I have not heard form her yet and it is after 2 her time. I am planning things as if they are coming to stay, that way I am prepared. If she decides not to stay she might want to a week or two down the road.

Well if they come, it will be quite chaotic here with 8 kids running around. I hope that we all come out of the experience with our sanity intact. I will try if I can to post how things are going while they are here.

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