Saturday, July 7, 2007


Kay called me this morning. At that point she had not decided whether or not to stay beyond Sunday. In addition to the 5 boys she had the 2 dogs in tow as well. Jasmine would not be very happy if she had to share her territory with 2 other dogs.

Kay's plan was to see her mom and then talk to her dad to see if there was anything that she could be of help with in the coming week. If he didn't need help with anything she would go home Sunday as originally planned. She called me back a few hours ago and let me know that she was indeed heading for home in the morning.

They all got to see her mom and had a chance to say their goodbyes. Her mom didn't recognize any of them though. I'm sure she is being heavily medicated and I'm sure the size or placement of the tumor is also having an effect on her memory & other cognitive abilities. Kay is somewhat resentful of her dad for not letting her come visit sooner. She wanted to come for a visit as soon as her mom was diagnosed. Her dad thought it was best for everyone to stay away while her mom was dealing with recovering from surgery and the effects of chemo and radiation treatments. Her mom had said that she didn't want people seeing her in that way.

I pointed out to Kay that she shouldn't hold it against her dad. He was in some respects abiding by her mom's wishes by keeping everyone away. Plus, nobody knew that things were going to turn out this way. Everyone was operating under the assumption that the doctors were right. That her mom was going to live another 2 years or longer.

Today Kay has come to the conclusion that her mom will be gone very soon. I hate to say it, but I hope Kay is right. I don't want her mom to suffer. It is horrible when people linger for a long time suffering. If it were my mom, I would rather see her go quickly than see her suffering for a long time. I just cannot imagine what Kay is going through. She has been her normal upbeat self when I've talked to her. I would be a basket case if I were in her shoes.

Kay will be coming back sometime to help go through all of her mom's things. At that time she will probably be staying with us. She said that she can probably swing a hotel room for a night or two. I told her that is not at all necessary. Why go through that expense if you don't have to. It might be quite crazy at times with all of the kids, but we will survive. Let's just hope that when they come I'm not premenstrual. I actually think I need to get on that new birth control that they keep advertising on TV. Well, that story is a good topic for a later post.

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